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Amazon’s game engine can be used to aid humanity in a zombie apocalypse

Amazon’s in-house game engine, Lumberyard, can’t normally be used for life-critical or safety-critical circumstances, as stated in the terms of service agreement for Amazon Web Services. Things like medical equipment,

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Watch the first trailer for Netflix’s Don’t Look Up

It’s not quite as terrifying as the moon falling, but Netflix’s upcoming Don’t Look Up deals with another space-related disaster: a comet that’s on a collision course with the Earth.

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Razer’s Basilisk V3 has more LEDs and a brilliant scroll wheel

Razer’s new Basilisk V3 wired gaming mouse has arrived with more features than its predecessor, as well as a slightly lower price. It’s out now at Razer’s online store, Amazon,

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Apple refuses to make NDA concessions for workplace harassment and discrimination

Apple, like many tech companies, has an intimidating employment agreement that it makes employees sign to protect its trade secrets. Though the agreement is in place to prevent workers from

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