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Superfood surprise! Ten delicious, unexpected ways with kale – from sausage stew to apple cake

Kale is an exhausting food – not because of how it tastes, but for its role in the never-ending culture war. It’s a symbol of wishy-washy, out-of-touch wellness culture, and

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Beyond the sarnie: no-cook packed lunches to beat back-to-work blues

It’s hard enough navigating the many pitfalls of the packed lunch, but remove the ability to heat or chill it, and no one would blame Fred for hotfooting it to

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French wine suffers worst hit in decades amid damage from frost and disease

French wine makers are expected to produce nearly a third less wine this year than usual, after their vineyards were struck by frosts, poor weather and disease during the spring

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Avocados and vanilla among dozens of wild crop relatives facing extinction

Wild relatives of some of the world’s most important crops, including potatoes, avocados and vanilla, are threatened with extinction, according to a study. Vanilla, an orchid native to South and

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